Product Range: EFSC - Electronic Fan Speed Control for 0 - 10 DC Input

EFSC6 0/10

The EFSC6 0/10 is a 6-amp 240-volt Fan Speed Controller; suitable for 2 or 3 wire control of single-phase speed controllable motors. The unit can be controlled from a remote 0-10 volt dc input voltage (from a BMS system or sensor). Alternatively the control could be from a remote 10k potentiometer. The controller can be switched on and off with a remote volt free switch, this
remote switch would operate a power relay within the controller breakingthe incoming live supply. The unit is housed in a plain grey ABS plastic enclosure. This model is fully suppressed to EN55014 and is also suitable for resistive lighting loads.


• Supply: 220-250V 1PH 50/60Hz
• Output load: 6 amps max (fan loads or resistive lighting loads)
• DC Input: 0-10V dc (0V in=min level out, 10V in=240V out)
• Input impedance: 100K
• EMC suppressed to EN55014
• Enclosure: grey ABS (200mm x 155mm x 80mm)


• Aux live output for 3 wire fan control
• On/off control via external switch or volt free BMS contacts (switch/contact rating 24v ac 0.1A)
• Local control with external 10k potentiometer
• On board 10 amp fuse
• Minimum level adjustment via pre-set trimmer VR2