Product Range: EFSC - Electronic Fan Speed Controllers


• 2 or 3 Wire Control as standard
• Electronic Stepless Speed Control
• Minimum Speed Pre-Set Facility
• Compact and easy to install
• 3amp and 5amp complete with D/G Mini Trucking Box includes Double Pole Illuminated On/Off Switch
• Complies with EMC directives 89/336CEE and MODS
• Complies with low voltage directive 72/23/CEE
• 10 amp model housed in robust die cast enclosure
• All models finished white with black printing
• All models fitted with Motor Protection Fuse
• Spare fuse included with each controller
• 10A model comes with max output pre-set

Optional Extras

• Maximum output pre-set limiter
• 3 and 6 A controllers available in die-cast boxes
• Models available with satin aluminum fronts
• Hard start available to special order
• Custom designed front panels
• Customers own logos
• Higher current ratings available to special order.



A range of Electronic Fan Speed Controllers (EFSC) designed for speed controllable single phase motors up to 10 amps peak current. The fascia is white enamelled aluminium with black knob, switch and printing. The 3 and 5 amp models are supplied with a double gang pvc-u mini trunking surface backing box with knockouts. All models have a double pole illuminated on/off rocker switch. A facility to set the minimum fan speed is standard. The 10amp model is housed in a robust die cast enclosure.


The EFSC-5(TK) is for use with fan motors with internal TK (thermal cutout) connections. The controller incorporates an on/off switch and a start button. If the motor windings overheat the TK connections open, this switches the EFSC-5 off. The start button must be pressed again to re-start the motor. A tripped indicator comes on when the TK contacts open.

 EFSC - 3 3.00 87 x 147 x 45 0.35 IPS1 230V AC 1PH
EFSC - 5 5.00 87 x 147 x 45 0.40 IPS1 230V AC 1PH
EFSC - 6 6.00 95 x 145 x 50 0.55 IPS1 230V AC 1PH
EFSC - 10 10.00 192 x 110 x 60 0.80 IPS 1 230V AC 1PH
EFSC - 5(TK) 5.00 87 x147 x 45 0.45 IPS 1 230V AC 1PH
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